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Technical Services for Cloud Computing

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Which three technical services support cloud computing? (Choose three.)



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The three technical services that support cloud computing are:

  1. Redundant Connections: Cloud computing is highly dependent on the availability of the network. Redundant connections provide a backup path in case the primary network path fails, ensuring that the cloud service remains available to users.

  2. VPN Connectivity: Virtual Private Network ( VPN) connectivity allows remote users to securely connect to the cloud infrastructure over the public internet. It creates an encrypted tunnel that protects data in transit and ensures secure communication between users and the cloud.

  3. Layer 3 Network Routing: Layer 3 network routing is essential for cloud computing as it provides a scalable and resilient network infrastructure. It enables packets to be forwarded between different networks, allowing cloud service providers to build large and complex networks that can handle significant amounts of traffic.

The other options mentioned are not specifically related to cloud computing:

A. Network-monitored power sources: While important for any network, they are not essential to cloud computing specifically.

C. IP Localization: This refers to identifying the geographical location of an IP address, which is not critical for cloud computing.

F. Extended SAN Services: While important for storage area networks (SANs), they are not essential to cloud computing specifically.