RFC 1918

RFC 1918

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Which RFC was created to alleviate the depletion of IPv4 public addresses?



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The correct answer to this question is D. RFC 1918.

RFC 1918 was created to alleviate the depletion of IPv4 public addresses. It defines a set of private IP address ranges that can be used by organizations on their internal networks. These private IP address ranges are not routable on the public internet, which means they can be used by multiple organizations without causing conflicts.

The private IP address ranges defined in RFC 1918 are:

  • ( -
  • ( -
  • ( -

Using private IP addresses can help organizations conserve their public IP address space and reduce the need for additional public IP addresses. It also helps improve security by keeping internal network traffic separate from the public internet.

RFC 4193 defines a unique local IPv6 unicast address format that can be used for local communications within a single site. RFC 1519 and RFC 1518 are related to the routing of IP packets on the internet, but are not specifically related to the depletion of IPv4 public addresses.