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Firewall Statements

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Which two statements about firewalls are true?



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A. They can be used with an intrusion prevention system: Firewalls can be used in conjunction with an intrusion prevention system (IPS) to provide better security for a network. Firewalls can block traffic based on predefined rules, while an IPS can analyze traffic in real-time to identify and prevent malicious activity. Together, they can provide a strong defense against network attacks.

B. They can limit unauthorized user access to protect data: One of the primary functions of a firewall is to limit access to a network or system. By controlling access, a firewall can prevent unauthorized users or traffic from entering a network or accessing specific resources. This can help protect sensitive data from being compromised or stolen.

C. Each wireless access point requires its own firewall: This statement is not true. Multiple wireless access points can be protected by a single firewall, which can manage traffic between the wireless network and the rest of the network or the internet. However, it is important to properly configure the firewall rules to ensure that all wireless traffic is properly secured.

D. They must be placed only at locations where the private network connects to the internet: While firewalls are often deployed at the perimeter of a network, they can also be used internally to segment different parts of the network and restrict access between them. In fact, it is often recommended to use multiple firewalls at different points within a network to provide multiple layers of protection.

E. They can prevent attacks from the internet only: Firewalls can be configured to block traffic from specific IP addresses or to restrict access to specific ports, protocols, or applications. This can help prevent attacks from the internet, but it can also help prevent internal threats and unauthorized access attempts. Firewalls can also be used to monitor