CCNA Exam 200-125: Cisco Switch Telnet Passwords

Connect to Cisco Switch: Telnet Passwords

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Which two passwords must be supplied in order to connect by Telnet to a properly secured Cisco switch and make changes to the device configuration? (Choose two.)



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The correct answers are B. enable secret password and C. vty password.

When accessing a Cisco switch through Telnet, two passwords are required to make configuration changes:

  1. Enable secret password: This password is used to access privileged EXEC mode, which is necessary to make configuration changes. The enable secret password is used to encrypt the enable password and should be different from the enable password.

  2. vty password: Virtual Teletype (vty) is used for remote access to the device. The vty password is used to authenticate the remote user before access is granted to the device.

The other options are not directly related to Telnet access to a Cisco switch:

  • TTY password is used for physical console access.
  • Aux password is used for auxiliary port access.
  • Console password is used for console port access.
  • Username password is used for authentication when accessing the device using protocols like SSH, Telnet, or HTTP.

Therefore, the correct answers are B. enable secret password and C. vty password.