Cisco CCNA Exam: Creating a NAT Pool of 6 Addresses

Create a NAT Pool of 6 Addresses

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Which command can you enter to create a NAT pool of 6 addresses?



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The correct command to create a NAT pool of 6 addresses is:

D. Router(config)#ip nat pool test prefix-length 8

This command creates a NAT pool named "test" with an address range from to (a total of 6 addresses), using a prefix length of 8 bits.

Here is a breakdown of each part of the command:

  • "Router(config)#": This is the command prompt indicating that you are in global configuration mode on a Cisco router.
  • "ip nat pool": This command is used to create a NAT pool.
  • "test": This is the name of the NAT pool you are creating.
  • "": This is the range of IP addresses you want to use in the NAT pool. In this case, the range is from to, inclusive.
  • "prefix-length 8": This specifies the prefix length to use for the addresses in the pool. A prefix length of 8 bits means that the first 8 bits of the address are the network portion, and the remaining bits are the host portion. In this case, the prefix length of 8 bits allows for a total of 256 addresses (2^8).

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