802.1x Mode for Profiling Endpoints and Authentication Visibility | Cisco Exam 200-125

Which 802.1x Mode Allows Endpoint Profiling and Authentication Visibility?

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A security administrator wants to profile endpoints and gain visibility into attempted authentications. Which 802.1x mode allows these actions?



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The 802.1x protocol is used for port-based network access control. It provides an authentication mechanism for devices trying to connect to a network, allowing access only to authenticated devices. There are different modes available in 802.1x, and each mode serves a specific purpose.

The security administrator wants to profile endpoints and gain visibility into attempted authentications. This means that the administrator wants to monitor and track the authentication attempts made by devices trying to connect to the network. To achieve this goal, the 802.1x mode that would be most suitable is Monitor mode.

Monitor mode is an 802.1x mode that allows administrators to monitor and capture all authentication traffic passing through the port without actually enforcing any policies. It is typically used for monitoring and troubleshooting purposes.

In Monitor mode, the switch allows all traffic to pass through the port, including traffic from devices that are not yet authenticated. The switch captures all authentication traffic and forwards it to an authentication server for analysis. This mode is useful for administrators who want to gain visibility into the types of devices connecting to the network, the authentication methods being used, and the success rates of authentication attempts.

In contrast, the other modes listed in the question do not provide the same level of visibility into authentication attempts.

High-Security mode enforces the most restrictive policies on authenticated devices, limiting network access to only authorized traffic. Low-impact mode provides basic security by limiting access to only authorized devices but with minimal impact on network performance. Closed mode only allows authenticated devices to connect to the network and denies all other traffic.

Therefore, the correct answer to the question is A. Monitor mode.