Centralized Network Topology

All Traffic through Central Hub

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Which network topology allows all traffic to flow through a central hub?



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The network topology that allows all traffic to flow through a central hub is the "star" topology.

In a star topology, all devices are connected to a central hub, which acts as a relay for transmitting data packets between devices. The hub is responsible for managing the flow of traffic between the devices, and it ensures that each device receives the data it needs.

The advantage of a star topology is that it is easy to manage and troubleshoot. If a device fails, it can be easily identified and replaced without affecting the rest of the network. Additionally, the central hub can be upgraded or replaced without disrupting the rest of the network.

The main disadvantage of a star topology is that it relies on the central hub to function. If the hub fails, the entire network will go down. Additionally, as all traffic passes through the hub, it can become a bottleneck if the network traffic volume is too high.

Other types of network topologies include:

  • Bus topology: In a bus topology, all devices are connected to a single cable. Data packets travel along the cable, and each device listens for packets addressed to it. The disadvantage of a bus topology is that if the cable fails, the entire network goes down.

  • Mesh topology: In a mesh topology, each device is connected to multiple other devices, forming a mesh of connections. Data packets can take multiple paths to reach their destination, which makes the network more resilient. However, the complexity of the connections makes it difficult to manage and troubleshoot.

  • Ring topology: In a ring topology, devices are connected in a ring. Data packets travel in one direction around the ring, and each device retransmits the packet to the next device until it reaches its destination. The disadvantage of a ring topology is that if a single device or connection fails, the entire network can be disrupted.