Wireless Access Point

Connectivity Options for Network Users

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Which device allows users to connect to the network using a single or double radio?



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The correct answer is A. access point.

An access point is a networking hardware device that allows wireless devices to connect to a wired network using Wi-Fi or other wireless protocols. Access points typically have one or more radios, which allow them to communicate with wireless devices using different frequencies and network protocols.

A single-radio access point can only communicate with wireless devices on one frequency band at a time, while a dual-radio access point can communicate with wireless devices on two different frequency bands simultaneously. Dual-radio access points can support more devices and provide better performance than single-radio access points.

Switches and firewalls are network devices that provide different functions. Switches are used to connect devices on a wired network and route traffic between them. Firewalls are used to protect networks from unauthorized access and malicious traffic.

A wireless controller is a network device that manages multiple access points, allowing them to work together to provide seamless wireless coverage across a large area. Wireless controllers are typically used in enterprise networks, where multiple access points are deployed to provide wireless coverage to a large number of users.