Cisco Certified Network Associate Exam: GLBP Arp Request Responsibility

Who Is Responsible for the ARP Request in a GLBP Network?

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In a GLBP network, who is responsible for the arp request?



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In a GLBP (Gateway Load Balancing Protocol) network, the AVG (Active Virtual Gateway) is responsible for handling the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) request.

GLBP is a Cisco proprietary protocol that provides redundancy and load balancing for default gateways in a network. It uses a virtual IP address as the default gateway for hosts on the network and assigns multiple physical routers to respond to ARP requests for that virtual IP address.

The AVG is responsible for distributing the traffic among the multiple physical routers by assigning each router a unique virtual MAC address. When a host sends an ARP request for the virtual IP address, the AVG selects an AVF (Active Virtual Forwarder) to respond to the ARP request with its assigned virtual MAC address. The AVF is responsible for forwarding the traffic to the correct destination.

In summary, the AVG is responsible for handling ARP requests in a GLBP network and distributing traffic among the AVFs.