Cisco CCNA Exam: Active Telnet Connections

Show Active Telnet Connections

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Which command shows your active Telnet connections?



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The command that shows active Telnet connections on a Cisco device is "show users."

The "show users" command displays information about active Telnet and console sessions on the device. This command shows the username, line number, and IP address of the device that the user is accessing from.

The "show session" command displays information about active sessions on a device, but it is not specific to Telnet sessions. This command shows information about all active sessions, including SSH, Telnet, and console sessions.

The "show cdp neighbors" command displays information about neighboring Cisco devices on the network, not active Telnet sessions.

The "show queue" command displays information about the input and output queues for network interfaces, not active Telnet sessions.

Therefore, the correct answer to the question is option C, "show users."