LLDP - Cisco Certified Network Associate Exam - Cisco 200-125


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Which two statements about LLDP are true? (Choose two.)



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LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) is a vendor-neutral protocol that allows network devices to advertise their identity, capabilities, and configuration information to other directly connected devices on the network. Here are the correct statements about LLDP:

A. It uses mandatory TLVs to discover the neighboring devices: LLDP uses a set of Type-Length-Value (TLV) fields to carry information about the device and its capabilities. Some TLVs are mandatory, and others are optional. The mandatory TLVs include Chassis ID, Port ID, and Time To Live (TTL). When a device receives an LLDP frame, it can extract information from the mandatory TLVs to determine the identity and location of the neighboring device.

E. It enables systems to learn about one another over the data-link layer: LLDP operates at the Data Link Layer (Layer 2) and allows devices to exchange information with their neighbors over the same layer. By exchanging LLDP messages, devices can learn about the capabilities and identity of their neighbors. For example, an LLDP-enabled switch can discover the type of device connected to a particular port, such as a router or a server, and configure the port accordingly.

B, C, and D are incorrect:

B. It functions at Layer 2 and Layer 3: LLDP operates only at the Data Link Layer (Layer 2) and does not function at Layer 3. It does not provide any routing or forwarding functionality.

C. It is a Cisco-proprietary technology: LLDP is a vendor-neutral protocol and is not specific to Cisco. However, Cisco has a similar protocol called CDP ( Cisco Discovery Protocol), which provides similar functionality and is Cisco-proprietary.

D. It is implemented in accordance with the 802.11a specification: LLDP is not related to the 802.11a specification, which defines the specifications for wireless LANs operating in the 5 GHz frequency band. LLDP is a separate protocol that is used to discover neighboring devices on a wired network.