Netflow Implementation Factors

Three Factors for Implementing Netflow

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What are three factors a network administrator must consider before implementing Netflow in the network? (Choose three.)



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NetFlow is a network protocol that enables network administrators to collect information about IP network traffic and analyze it to gain insight into network performance and security. However, before implementing NetFlow in a network, network administrators must consider the following factors:

  1. CPU Utilization: NetFlow data collection requires the router or switch to perform additional processing, which can increase CPU utilization. Therefore, network administrators must consider the impact of NetFlow data collection on network device CPU utilization, especially on high-traffic routers and switches.

  2. Destination of NetFlow data: NetFlow data is sent to a NetFlow collector for analysis. Network administrators must determine where the NetFlow data will be sent and configure the network devices to send the data to the correct destination. The NetFlow collector can be a dedicated appliance or software running on a server.

  3. Number of Devices Exporting NetFlow Data: The number of devices exporting NetFlow data can affect the amount of data collected and analyzed. The more devices that export NetFlow data, the larger the amount of data that needs to be collected and processed, which can impact the performance of the NetFlow collector.

  4. Port Availability: NetFlow uses specific ports for sending data to the collector. Network administrators must ensure that these ports are available and not being used by other applications or protocols.

  5. SNMP Version: NetFlow uses SNMP to retrieve information about network devices. Network administrators must ensure that the correct version of SNMP is used and configured on the devices that will export NetFlow data.

  6. WAN Encapsulation: If the network includes WAN links, the type of encapsulation used on the WAN links can affect NetFlow data collection. Network administrators must ensure that the encapsulation used on the WAN links is compatible with NetFlow data collection.