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Command to Verify BGP Connection

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Which command can you enter to verify that a BGP connection to a remote device is established?



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A. B. C. D.


The correct answer to this question is A. show ip bgp summary.

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is used for exchanging routing information between different networks in the internet. It is commonly used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and large organizations to connect their networks with the Internet. In order to verify that a BGP connection to a remote device is established, we can use the show ip bgp summary command.

This command displays a summary of the BGP routing table, including information about BGP peer connections. Specifically, it shows the status of BGP connections to neighboring devices, including the number of established connections, the number of connections that are attempting to establish, and the number of connections that have failed.

Here is an example of the output of the show ip bgp summary command:

Router# show ip bgp summary BGP router identifier, local AS number 65001 BGP table version is 10, main routing table version 10 1 BGP neighbor(s) established, 1 BGP peer(s) total Neighbor V AS MsgRcvd MsgSent TblVer InQ OutQ Up/Down State/PfxRcd 4 65002 10903 10903 10 0 0 00:27:14 3

In this example, we can see that there is one established BGP neighbor, which has the IP address and the AS number 65002. The Up/Down column shows that the connection has been established for 00:27:14. This confirms that the BGP connection to the remote device is established.

Therefore, option A, show ip bgp summary, is the correct answer. Options B, C, and D are not related to verifying BGP connections.