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All-Router Multicast Group IPv6 Address

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Which IPv6 address is the all-router multicast group?



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The all-router multicast group is used by routers to communicate with each other on a local network segment. In IPv6, this multicast group has the address FF02::2.


In IPv6, multicast addresses begin with the prefix FF00::/8. The first 8 bits of the address are always set to 1, indicating that it is a multicast address.

The remaining 4 bits after the prefix identify the scope of the multicast group. The scope indicates how far the multicast packets can travel before they are discarded.

The available multicast scopes in IPv6 are:

  • Interface-local: FF01::
  • Link-local: FF02::
  • Realm-local: FF03::
  • Admin-local: FF04::
  • Site-local: FF05::
  • Organization-local: FF08::
  • Global: FF0E::

The all-router multicast group falls under the Link-local scope, which is identified by the prefix FF02::. The multicast group address FF02::2 specifically identifies the all-router group.

Therefore, the correct answer to the question is B. FF02::2.