Most Secure Privilege Level

Privilege Level Security

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Which of the following privilege level is the most secured?



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In Cisco IOS, privilege levels determine the access level of a user, with level 0 providing the least amount of access and level 15 providing the most. The privilege level of a user is determined by the authentication method used to access the device.

Privilege level 0 is the default privilege level for a user who has not been authenticated. It only provides access to a limited number of commands, mainly for user identification and authentication purposes. Therefore, it is the least secured privilege level.

Privilege level 1 is typically used for guest accounts or accounts with limited access. It provides slightly more access than level 0 but still does not allow users to execute many commands. It is more secure than level 0 but less secure than level 15.

Privilege level 15 is the highest privilege level available in Cisco IOS. It provides unrestricted access to all commands and functions, including configuration and management commands. It is typically used for administrative accounts or accounts with full access to the device. However, it is also the least secure privilege level, as any user with access to level 15 has full control of the device.

Privilege level 16 is not a valid privilege level in Cisco IOS. Therefore, it is not a secured privilege level.

In conclusion, privilege level 1 is the most secured among the given options, as it provides limited access to the device and prevents unauthorized users from executing most commands.