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SNMPv2: True Statement

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Which statement about SNMPv2 is true?



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A. B. C. D.


SNMPv2 (Simple Network Management Protocol version 2) is a protocol used for network management and monitoring. It provides a standard way for network administrators to manage and monitor network devices, such as routers, switches, and servers.

Out of the given options, the statement that is true about SNMPv2 is:

D. Its authentication and privacy algorithms are enabled without default values.


A. SNMPv2 does not require passwords to be encrypted. However, SNMPv3 does provide encryption for passwords.

B. SNMPv2 does not have any specific password length requirements.

C. SNMPv2 uses community strings for authentication, not encryption algorithms. SNMPv3 supports both MD5 and SHA encryption algorithms.

D. This statement is true. SNMPv2 does not have any default authentication or privacy values. This means that network administrators must manually configure the authentication and privacy settings for SNMPv2, which includes setting up community strings, authentication protocols, and privacy protocols.

In summary, SNMPv2 is a widely used network management protocol that allows administrators to manage and monitor network devices. It does not require passwords to be encrypted or have a specific length, and it does not use MD5 encryption by default. However, it does require manual configuration of authentication and privacy settings.