IPv6 Address Types Supported in IPv4 but Rarely Used

Major IPv6 Address Type Supported in IPv4 but Rarely Used

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Which major IPv6 address type is supported in IPv4 but rarely used?



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The correct answer is B. Anycast.

IPv6 supports three main types of addresses: unicast, multicast, and anycast. However, in IPv4, only unicast and multicast addresses are used, while anycast addresses are supported but rarely used.

Anycast is a type of addressing in which a single IP address is assigned to multiple devices, but only one device can receive traffic sent to that address at any given time. Anycast is used to provide a single point of contact for a group of devices, such as a group of web servers that are hosting the same content.

In IPv4, anycast addresses are not used very often due to limitations in the protocol and the lack of support for anycast addressing in most network devices. However, in IPv6, anycast addressing is fully supported and widely used.

Unicast addresses are used to send data to a single interface, while multicast addresses are used to send data to multiple interfaces. Broadcast addresses are used to send data to all interfaces on a network. In IPv4, broadcast addressing is used frequently for network discovery and other functions, but in IPv6, multicast addressing is used instead.