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HSRPv2 New Feature

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Which HSRP feature was new in HSRPv2?



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HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol) is a First Hop Redundancy Protocol (FHRP) that provides redundancy for IP networks. HSRPv2 is the updated version of HSRP that brings some new features and improvements over the original version.

Among the features that were added in HSRPv2 are:

A. Preemption: This feature allows a higher priority router to take over as the active router if it becomes available. In HSRPv1, preemption was not supported, which meant that if a higher priority router became available, the administrator had to manually reset the active router to allow the higher priority router to take over.

B. VLAN group numbers that are greater than 255: In HSRPv1, the VLAN group number was limited to a range of 0 to 255. In HSRPv2, this limit was removed, allowing for larger networks to be supported.

C. Tracking: HSRPv2 allows tracking of different interface and object states. Tracking allows the standby router to become the active router if a tracked object goes down or becomes unavailable. For example, if the link to a certain switch fails, the standby router can become active.

D. Virtual MAC addresses: HSRPv2 introduces a new format for the virtual MAC address that includes a unique virtual MAC address for each group. This prevents potential MAC address conflicts in the network.

Therefore, among the options listed, the correct answer to the question is B: VLAN group numbers that are greater than 255.