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DNS Lookup Server Types

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Which two server types are used to support DNS lookup? (Choose two.)



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A. B. C. D. E.


The two server types used to support DNS lookup are:

C. Authoritative name server: An authoritative name server is a DNS server that contains the actual DNS records for a domain. When a DNS query is made for a domain name, the authoritative name server responds with the correct IP address of the requested domain. These servers are usually operated by the organization that owns the domain name or by a third-party DNS service provider.

E. Name resolver CE: A name resolver is a client application or a hardware device that performs the DNS lookup on behalf of a user or another application. It receives the domain name as input and returns the corresponding IP address. A name resolver can be a dedicated hardware device or can be integrated into other network devices like routers, switches, or firewalls.

The other options listed, such as web server, ESX host, and file transfer server, are not used to support DNS lookup. A web server is used to serve web pages to clients, an ESX host is used to run virtual machines, and a file transfer server is used to transfer files between clients and servers.