IPv6 Link-Local Addresses: True Statements | 200-125 Exam Answer

The Importance of IPv6 Link-Local Addresses

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Which statement about IPv6 link-local addresses is true?



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The correct answer is C: They must be manually configured.

IPv6 link-local addresses are used for communication within a single subnet and are automatically generated by the device using a combination of the interface's MAC address and the prefix "fe80::/10". These addresses do not need to be globally unique, and they are not advertised outside of the local subnet.

Since link-local addresses are used for communication on a single subnet, they do not need to be configured on all IPv6 interfaces. However, they must be manually configured if you want to assign a specific address to an interface. This can be useful for things like network troubleshooting, where you may need to assign a specific link-local address to a device to communicate with it directly.

It's important to note that while link-local addresses are not globally unique, they should be unique within the local subnet to avoid any potential address conflicts.