CCNA Exam: Pinging the Loopback Address

Pinging the Loopback Address

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The network administrator has asked you to check the status of the workstations IP stack by pinging the loopback address. Which address would you ping to perform this task?



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A. B. C. D.


The IP address of is the well-known loopback IP address on a computer. When try pinging this address, you are testing if the TCP/IP stack is working or not.

The correct answer is B.


The loopback address is a special IP address that always refers to the local host or computer that the ping command is being executed from. In other words, when you ping the loopback address, you are sending a message to your own computer to test if it is responding properly.

The loopback address is represented by the IP address and is often referred to as the localhost or loopback interface. It is a reserved IP address that is not associated with any particular network interface on a computer.

To check the status of the workstation's IP stack, you can use the ping command to send a message to the loopback address. If the computer responds to the ping, it indicates that the IP stack is functioning properly.

Answer A ( is a valid IP address, but it is not the loopback address.

Answer C ( is a common IP address used for routers, but it is not the loopback address.

Answer D ( is a multicast address and is not the loopback address.

Therefore, the correct answer is B (