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How to Verify Connectivity Between Hosts on the Same LAN

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Which command can be used from a PC to verify the connectivity between hosts that connect through a switch in the same LAN?



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The correct answer is A. ping address.

The ping command is a commonly used utility to verify connectivity between two hosts on the same LAN or on different networks. It sends Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo request packets to a destination address and waits for a response. If the destination host is reachable and responding, it will send an ICMP echo reply packet back to the source address.

To use the ping command on a PC, you need to open a command prompt or terminal window and type the following command:

ping <address>

Where <address> is the IP address or hostname of the destination host. For example, if you want to ping a host with IP address, you would type:


After you hit enter, the ping utility will start sending packets to the destination host and display the results on the screen. The output will show you the round-trip time (RTT) for each packet, as well as the number of packets sent and received.

If you receive a "Reply from <address>: bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64" message, it means that the ping was successful and the destination host is reachable. If you receive a "Request timed out" message, it means that the destination host did not respond to the ping request.

The other options listed in the question, tracert address and traceroute address, are similar utilities that can be used to trace the route that packets take from the source host to the destination host, but they are not used to verify connectivity between hosts on the same LAN.

The arp command is used to view or modify the ARP cache, which is a table that maps IP addresses to MAC addresses on a local network. It is not used to verify connectivity between hosts on the same LAN.