8-bit Field for QoS in IP Packet | Exam 200-125 Answer | Cisco

QoS 8-bit Field in IP Packet | Exam 200-125 Answer | Cisco

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What 8-bit field exists in IP packet for QoS?



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In IP (Internet Protocol) packets, a field exists to carry information about Quality of Service (QoS) called the Type of Service (ToS) field.

The ToS field is an 8-bit field that is used to prioritize traffic in the network based on specific requirements for the application or service. It enables network administrators to assign different levels of importance to different types of traffic, which helps to ensure that mission-critical data is given higher priority over less important data.

ToS field is divided into two parts: the first three bits of the field are used to specify the Precedence of the packet, while the remaining five bits are used to specify the ToS subfield.

However, in more recent IP packet formats, the ToS field has been replaced by the Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) field, which provides a more granular approach to QoS.

The DSCP field is also an 8-bit field that allows for 64 different values to be assigned, providing a much finer level of granularity than the ToS field. Each DSCP value represents a specific QoS class, and network administrators can use these values to assign different levels of priority to specific types of traffic.

In summary, both ToS and DSCP fields are used in IP packets to provide QoS information. The ToS field is an older, less granular approach to QoS, while the DSCP field provides a more sophisticated, fine-grained approach.