CCNA Exam 200-125: Cisco Syslog Configuration | Logging Trap Warning

Cisco Syslog Configuration: Logging Trap Warning

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If you are configuring syslog messages specifying 'logging trap warning', which log messages will the router send?



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A. B. C. D. E.


When configuring syslog messages on a router or switch, you can specify the severity level of the messages that should be sent to the syslog server. The severity levels are defined as follows:

0 - Emergency 1 - Alert 2 - Critical 3 - Error 4 - Warning 5 - Notification 6 - Informational 7 - Debugging

In this scenario, the configuration command logging trap warning specifies that only syslog messages with a severity level of 4 (Warning), 5 (Notification), 6 (Informational), and 7 (Debugging) should be sent to the syslog server. Messages with a severity level of 0 (Emergency), 1 (Alert), 2 (Critical), and 3 (Error) will be filtered out and not sent.

Therefore, the correct answer is (C) 0-6, which includes all severity levels from 0 (Emergency) to 6 (Informational). Answer (B) 0-5 would include all severity levels up to and including Notification (5), but would exclude Informational (6) messages. Answer (A) 0-4 and Answer (D) 0-2 would both exclude Warning (4), Notification (5), Informational (6), and Debugging (7) messages. Answer (E) 0-1 would only include Emergency (0) and Alert (1) messages, and filter out all others.