How to Detect DHCP Conflicts

Detecting DHCP Conflicts

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How to see dhcp conflict?



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The correct answer is C. show ip dhcp conflict.

When a DHCP server assigns an IP address to a client, it also reserves that IP address for that client's use until the lease expires. However, if another device is already using that IP address on the network, a conflict will occur.

To view DHCP conflicts on a Cisco router or switch, you can use the "show ip dhcp conflict" command. This command will display information about any conflicts that have occurred between DHCP clients on the network.

Here is a brief explanation of the other options listed in the question:

A. show ip dhcp pool - This command displays information about the DHCP address pools configured on the router or switch, including the addresses that have been assigned and any available addresses.

B. show dhcp database - This command displays information about the DHCP database on the router or switch, which is used to store lease information for DHCP clients.

D. show ip conflict - This command is not a valid Cisco IOS command.