Barely Used IPv6 Addresses

Barely Used IPv6 Addresses

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Which type of IP address of ipv6 that also exist in IPv4 but barely used?



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The correct answer is D. broadcast.

In IPv6, there is no concept of broadcast address like in IPv4. Instead, IPv6 uses multicast and anycast addresses to achieve similar functionality.

In IPv4, a broadcast address is used to send a message to all devices on a network segment. However, in IPv6, this functionality is achieved through multicast addresses. A multicast address is used to send a message to a specific group of devices on the network.

An anycast address is used to send a message to the nearest device in a group of devices. This is useful in scenarios where there are multiple devices providing the same service, and the goal is to reach the closest one.

In conclusion, the types of IPv6 addresses that are similar to those in IPv4 are unicast, multicast, and anycast. However, the broadcast address is not used in IPv6.