Interconnecting IP Phones and Computers: Best Network Device and Technology

Connecting IP Phones and Computers | Best Network Device & Technology | Exam 200-125

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A company is installing IP phones. The phones and office computers connect to the same device. To ensure maximum throughput for the phone data, the company needs to make sure that the phone traffic is on a different network from that of the office computer data traffic. What is the best network device to which to directly connect the phones and computers, and what technology should be implemented on this device? (Choose two.)



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The best network device to directly connect the phones and computers would be a switch. A switch allows for multiple devices to be connected to it and provides each device with its own dedicated connection to the network, which ensures maximum throughput.

To separate the phone traffic from the office computer data traffic, a VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) should be implemented on the switch. VLANs are logical networks that can be created within a physical network to isolate traffic and improve network security and performance. By creating separate VLANs for the phone and computer traffic, each can operate independently without interfering with the other, and the phone data can be prioritized to ensure maximum throughput.

Therefore, the correct answers are C. switch and F. VLAN. The other options listed are not suitable for this scenario. A hub is a legacy device that broadcasts all data to all connected devices, resulting in collisions and decreased network performance. A router is used to connect multiple networks and routes data between them, but it is not necessary in this scenario as only one network is involved. STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) is a protocol used to prevent network loops in redundant network topologies and is not related to separating phone and computer traffic. Subinterfaces are virtual interfaces that allow a router to appear as multiple logical devices on a single physical interface and are not relevant in this scenario.