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IPv6 Link-Local Address

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Which of these represents an IPv6 link-local address?



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A. B. C. D.


The correct answer is C. FE80::380e:611a:e14f:3d69.


IPv6 link-local addresses are used for communication between nodes on the same link, and they are automatically configured on each IPv6-enabled interface. Link-local addresses are always in the FE80::/10 prefix range.

In the given answer choices, option A, B, and D are not link-local addresses because they do not have the FE80::/10 prefix.

Option C, on the other hand, starts with FE80::, which is the correct prefix for a link-local address. The remaining digits, 380e:611a:e14f:3d69, are the Interface ID, which is used to uniquely identify the interface on which the address is configured.

Therefore, the correct answer is C. FE80::380e:611a:e14f:3d69.